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Symbolbild II / symbolic picture II

(English version follows below) Ein Symbolbild unseres Urlaubs… A symbolic picture of our holiday….

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Preliminary report (guest entry from Karsten)

While my beloved wife and kids are still on holidays, I returned yesterday to resume work. Actually, holidays should really be put into quotation marks, for an appropriate representation of the last week. “Holidays”. There, much better. The reason for … Continue reading

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über den Schatten und so / achievements

(English version follows below) Ich schwimme gerne. Ja, wirklich. Ich bin früher viel geschwommen, immerhin komme ich ja ursprünglich von der Ostsee und wir haben ausserdem noch direkt in Laufnähe eines Sees gewohnt. Da ist es doch klar, dass man … Continue reading

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summer of the hornets

This summer, we have seen as many hornets as never before. Without exactly knowing where the nest is located, we are sure that it must be somewhere pretty close to our flat. That, or our flat just seems immensely appealing … Continue reading

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garden update in macro

Slowly but steadily, our garden starts to look like an autumn garden…probably due to the high temperatures during the last months which caused everything to flower and grow incredibly fast. Vegetables are being harvested, beds are being cleared, the strawberries … Continue reading

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After one (hopefully) last day of over 30° celsius on Thursday….. finally some relief! Since then a slight breeze and constant summer rain…SO GOOD!

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late July garden update

The last garden update has been over a month ago and due to the sunshine and the high temperatures the garden almost exploded while I was on holiday. Karsten was doing his best watering the plants and weeding the paths … Continue reading

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hanging on

It’s early in the morning. Our flat is hot. The bedroom is hot. I feel hot. I mean, really hot. Not in the sexy sense of hot, but in the heat wave-14-kilos-too-much-weight-and-hormon-samba kind of hot. I try to roll from … Continue reading

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holiday snapshot number six: company

During our last days at my parent’s garden, the little one and I enjoyed the company of my sister and her family. While I enjoyed the time to catch up a little bit, the little one was delighted to observe … Continue reading

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holiday snapshot number five: the garden

After almost two weeks at the Baltic Sea, the little one and I went to my parent’s place and spent some wonderfully relaxing days at our very own summer resort. Our normal rhythm each day: waking up, then reading books … Continue reading

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