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Having babies: different perspectives…

Here was supposed to be a witty introduction. But I am tired so I’ll skip it. Let’s just say that I noticed that – despite all the talk about gender equality – there will always be differences between men and … Continue reading

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my non-existing birth plan

I am getting nervous. The baby could theoretically come every day now and while I am eagerly awaiting the end of this pregnancy (by now I need at least half an hour every morning until my fingers don’t feel numb … Continue reading

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my saturday morning (or how I shortly envied life in the 18th century)

Saturday morning, 9:20 am. The husband and the little one leave the house in order to do some shopping. Until now, I have: dressed the little one, read a book with her, made breakfast, had breakfast, cleaned the breakfast table, … Continue reading

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pregnant in Switzerland

We (more specifically I) have entered the final spurt of the pregnancy. It is going to be the our second child that will be born in Switzerland and while I was quite nervous during the first pregnancy I feel much … Continue reading

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about zwieback and Cassiopeia

It doesn’t always need to be a laceration. Sometimes, a stomach bug is just what it takes to arrange a visit to the emergency unit again. Or, in this case, the birth section of the hospital. Because that’s where you … Continue reading

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playground reloaded

Although the weather has finally cooled down a bit which almost feels like being reborn again (haha, I am starting birth metaphors), I don’t seem to find the time to write proper blog posts. There are many things to write … Continue reading

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hanging on

It’s early in the morning. Our flat is hot. The bedroom is hot. I feel hot. I mean, really hot. Not in the sexy sense of hot, but in the heat wave-14-kilos-too-much-weight-and-hormon-samba kind of hot. I try to roll from … Continue reading

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garden joy

It has been quiet on this blog (again). Basically because the last four or five (or six…) weeks have been quite exhausting….Our holiday in Scotland didn’t really bring the expected recovery and when we arrived home lots of work had … Continue reading

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