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Abendessen / dinner

Abendessen, von den Kindern gesammelt. So lob’ ich mir das! /Dinner, gathered by the kids. That’s how I like it!    

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Sintflut / deluge

(English version follows below) Was da seit letzter Woche an Wasser vom Himmel kam, kann einen ja wirklich an die Sintflut erinnern. Es scheint, als ob dieses Jahr nicht nur der Frühling und der Sommer in Norddeutschland verregnet sind…. Im … Continue reading

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Froschparadies / frog’s paradise

(English version follows below) Während wir uns in den letzten Tagen damit abgemüht haben, die fünf gefällten Bäume irgendwie in den vor unserer Terassentür stehenden Container zu räumen, haben wir festgestellt, dass wir in einem Froschparadies wohnen. Da muss man … Continue reading

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from autumn to winter

The last few days have been full. Full of activities, full of preparations, full of excitement. On Friday, the unusual nice and warm weather turned the other way round. It was rainy and stormy, so stormy that you could hear … Continue reading

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this moment

A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by SouleMama. (And if you have a blog yourself, feel free to join in and leave a link … Continue reading

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what is actually happening in the garden?

The answer is: surprisingly much! With November proving to be unusually mild (running around wearing a t-shirt in November is probably a most alarming sign regarding global warming), the garden still offers one or another surprise. Yesterday, we took the … Continue reading

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On one evening last week, I took my bike and went to the library to pick up a book. That was when I noticed two things. First of all, that I have a really old bike. One of the type … Continue reading

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Arth-Goldau wildlife park

Is it really November? It surely feels like early October with temperatures around 18° C, colored trees and clear blue sky! With my mother in law staying with us and hence a car available, we decided to enjoy yet another … Continue reading

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autumn days in Freiburg (late)

Piles of laundry, dust in the corners, a sore throat, no blog posts….gee, time really is scarce right now! But on the other side: another pumpkin pie on the table, brunch with the little one’s playgroup, medical check-up for the … Continue reading

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pumpkin delight

Do you know the feeling that certain types of food and certain dishes are deeply connected to a special chapter of your life? The cake your mother always made for your birthday. The favorite food as a student. Food you … Continue reading

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