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Fünf weniger / five less

(English version follows below) Aus den vergangenen Jahren hat man eventuell in Erinnerung behalten, wie sehr ich mich über die unnötigen Baumfäll-Aktionen in unserer alten Siedlung geärgert habe (die Tatsache, dass das Metall der neue Röhrenrutsche an heißen Sommertagen abends … Continue reading

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this moment

A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by SouleMama. Happy 1st of May to everyone!! (And no, this is not at all how the weather … Continue reading

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autumn days in Freiburg (late)

Piles of laundry, dust in the corners, a sore throat, no blog posts….gee, time really is scarce right now! But on the other side: another pumpkin pie on the table, brunch with the little one’s playgroup, medical check-up for the … Continue reading

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green, green, green (Scotland, part 4)

What comes to mind when you think of Scotland? Haggis? Whisky? Sheep? Highlands? Bagpipes? When I think of Scotland, one of my first associations is “green”. And not just green pastures, but green moss, green fern, green alleys, old stone … Continue reading

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new view from our flat (or: slightly pathetic description of what happened today)

For the time being, the whole, heartbreaking tree desaster around our buildings has come to its end. Or better: the trees’ end. And even though I had already admitted defeat, I still had to take another little frustrating defeat to … Continue reading

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Beware of earthworms!

Yesterday evening I had another meeting of the building committee to discuss the new design of our neighbourhood. As you might have noticed, trees have been a central point of discussion so far, with me vehemently defending them and many … Continue reading

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short chestnut interlude

Finally! After numerous autumn walks with the little one I found it! May I present the one and only chestnut tree of our town: I am not kidding – it is indeed the only white chestnut to be found here! … Continue reading

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trees or no trees?

Trees! I love trees! Trees are beautiful, trees are patient, trees are sublime. What better spot is there for an afternoon nap than under a tree, watching the leafy canopy and the sunbeams and listening to the light swooshing of … Continue reading

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