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green, green, green (Scotland, part 4)

What comes to mind when you think of Scotland? Haggis? Whisky? Sheep? Highlands? Bagpipes? When I think of Scotland, one of my first associations is “green”. And not just green pastures, but green moss, green fern, green alleys, old stone … Continue reading

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Scotland part 3: Isle of Mull

After a really exhausting drive to the Isle of Mull, the arrival at our B&B felt like heaven. Despite our hopes, the little one decided to wake up extraordinary early the next day so that Karsten and I went for … Continue reading

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Scotland part 2: our drive to the Isle of Mull (hello again, emergency unit…)

After one and a half days, we wanted to make our way over to  the west coast in order to spend some quiet days on the Isle of Mull. The plan was as follows: In the morning, we will visit … Continue reading

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Scotland part 1: Edinburgh

Hello there, we are back again!! After one week full of Scottishness, we returned home safe and sound and a bit knackered. It has been a holiday full of memories, old and new ones, full of beautiful landscapes, sheep. good … Continue reading

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holiday countdown

Here we go…just two more days until we are off for this year’s family holiday. It’ll be just one week, but hey, that’s longer than last year’s holiday – slowly but steadily we are improving! And the location highly compensates … Continue reading

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thunder, family walks and conservation volunteers….or simply being outside

After the latest really culinary weekend I thought I’ll write about something more active and calorie-burning (I was about to write “healthy” but then I thought about it and was happy to find out that my mind is actually convinced … Continue reading

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three years ago…

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful Botanic Gardens I have ever seen. Big old trees, stone gardens, ponds, cultivated areas with perfectly cut grass versus small, secret areas, big rhododendron bushes, greenhouses, squirrels, flowers…It … Continue reading

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