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grüne Hosen und ihre Wirkung…./ green trousers and their impression

Vor ein paar Wochen hatte ich in Deutschland mal Zeit um ein bisschen zu shoppen. Und nachdem ich einen Rappel bekam, weil ich ganz automatisch wieder zu meinen Standard-Farben (schwarz und dunkelrot) griff und mir alles so langweilig vorkam, bin … Continue reading

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the reunification

This weekend, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reunification and somehow, everyone seems to be slightly contemplative these days. While I was visiting my friend in Berlin three weeks ago, we found ourselves discussing our perception of the … Continue reading

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Beware of earthworms!

Yesterday evening I had another meeting of the building committee to discuss the new design of our neighbourhood. As you might have noticed, trees have been a central point of discussion so far, with me vehemently defending them and many … Continue reading

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