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die Trampelpfade…./ beaten tracks…

(English version follows below) Nun sind wir wieder da, nachdem der weltbeste Ehemann noch eine Woche Strohwitwer-Dasein genießen durfte. Ironischerweise schläft er ja leider nicht so gut, wenn wir weg sind – etwas, dass ich wohl nie verstehen werde. Ich … Continue reading

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Abwarten und Tee trinken / wait and see

(English version follows below) Ja, es ist zur Zeit ruhig hier auf dem Blog. Weil unser Leben gerade alles andere als ruhig ist. Die letzten Wochen  Monate haben an den Kräften gezehrt und ich habe das Gefühl, dass sich unsere … Continue reading

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to blog or not to blog (II) ?

One might have noticed that I didn’t post as many blog articles during the last weeks as usual and I apologize for it. It’s not because there are no things to write about – on the contrary, there are quite … Continue reading

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a perfect christmas present

In a bit more than a week it’s already Christmas Eve…can you believe it? How come that time just seems to fly a bit faster every year? But hey, at least we are almost done with our christmas gifts, and … Continue reading

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the reunification

This weekend, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the reunification and somehow, everyone seems to be slightly contemplative these days. While I was visiting my friend in Berlin three weeks ago, we found ourselves discussing our perception of the … Continue reading

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Hohenschönhausen Memorial

While I was in Berlin, I wanted to take the chance and visit a museum all by myself again. Although I love visiting museums with children (after all I focused on museum interpretation during my studies), I do appreciate opportunities … Continue reading

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the goat farm in our lives

A few days ago, we caught up with some friends on some news. We had a nice evening, chatted about this and that, until I asked about the wife’s job. She mentioned she’ll only do the job for a certain … Continue reading

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How we are responsible for the lack of available seats in the Swiss transport system and still get no seat…

Here we go. On Sunday, a slight majority in Switzerland has decided to put an end to the apparently uncontrollable immigration the country suffers from. An end to the fact that foreigners are occupying the seats in the trains and … Continue reading

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Stones on a cupboard

This morning, while I was drinking my morning coffee and scanning the news online, a short video broadcast on one of the main German news-websites caught my eye: it was about a newly published book “Deutschland misshandelt seine Kinder” (Germany … Continue reading

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