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this moment

A single photo capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by SouleMama. (And if you have a blog yourself, feel free to join in and leave a link … Continue reading

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garden update in macro

Slowly but steadily, our garden starts to look like an autumn garden…probably due to the high temperatures during the last months which caused everything to flower and grow incredibly fast. Vegetables are being harvested, beds are being cleared, the strawberries … Continue reading

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my independent child

Today was a big day for the little one. It was the first time she joined a playgroup! As I mentioned recently, childcare is very expensive in Switzerland. Kindergarden, which is more like preschool, doesn’t start until the age of … Continue reading

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this moment

I haven’t posted a “this moment” post for some time now, mainly because SouleMama (a very inspiring woman in the States whose blog I very much enjoy reading) has stopped her photo projet after many years of regular posts. However, … Continue reading

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my saturday morning (or how I shortly envied life in the 18th century)

Saturday morning, 9:20 am. The husband and the little one leave the house in order to do some shopping. Until now, I have: dressed the little one, read a book with her, made breakfast, had breakfast, cleaned the breakfast table, … Continue reading

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pregnant in Switzerland

We (more specifically I) have entered the final spurt of the pregnancy. It is going to be the our second child that will be born in Switzerland and while I was quite nervous during the first pregnancy I feel much … Continue reading

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Picasso pigs

6 o’clock in the morning….I have now been awake for almost two hours for no specific reason and I finally decided that I can as well get up and do some work as long as everyone else is still asleep. … Continue reading

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After one (hopefully) last day of over 30° celsius on Thursday….. finally some relief! Since then a slight breeze and constant summer rain…SO GOOD!

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light hearts and heavy feet

This post was actually supposed to be written a week ago….but with the stomach bug last week and again temperatures over 30°C there was neither energy nor ambition to sit down and write. Which is a pity because the weekend … Continue reading

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about zwieback and Cassiopeia

It doesn’t always need to be a laceration. Sometimes, a stomach bug is just what it takes to arrange a visit to the emergency unit again. Or, in this case, the birth section of the hospital. Because that’s where you … Continue reading

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