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not for anther year!! (or how we try to be good Swiss citizens…)

One reason why our rent is somewhat affordable (at least compared to other rents in Zurich) is because we as tenants have the responsible task to clean the stairway and the basement. The neighbours and the housekeeper are very peculiar … Continue reading

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applied world heritage knowledge…

Every now and then, I get a little bit melancholic. For various reasons. Yesterday, I got melancholic because of the end of the 38th Session of the World Heritage Committee in Qatar. 26 new World Heritage Sites were inscribed during … Continue reading

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balcony monologue

This is what our neighbours might listen to when they sit on their balcony: “….look, little one, now you can play with your shovel!….wow, eh? mommy will be back in a sec, I just need to get the laundry….there you … Continue reading

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last weekend

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one year review (or how you know you have a child)

This month, the little one turns one. And while I watch her doing her first steps I wonder how fast this first year went by and how much we (and our household) changed during this year. If you don’t have … Continue reading

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the tail in the box…

One of my activities while I am drinking my morning coffee is to read through some of my favorite blogs. Today I saw that Mama on the rocks is doing a blog parade (a topic which other bloggers can join) … Continue reading

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hanging out…

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the lost art of writing letters

9am this morning. The little one and I go downstairs to inspect the letterbox. And HORRAY – after days and days of advertisements and bills, there’s a postcard in our letterbox! Someone went somewhere, thought of us and wrote us … Continue reading

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