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wedding, wedding, wedding

As promised, I’ll write a bit about our wedding, now that most of the guests have left again and the stomach flu seems to take a break. Though it is almost impossible to put this whole beautiful day into words … Continue reading

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intermediate result:

The wedding was great! Now Karsten joins the ranks of the stomach flu victims (see previous entries…). More from us as soon as the chaos disappears….

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pre wedding craziness

There is so much to do and actually no time at all to blog! However, this whole pre-wedding chaos is just too good to be left out here! So here is a quick insight into the last days craziness: Good … Continue reading

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quick update

We are still doing fine, just don’t have much time for writing. By now, not only my sister and my niece, but also my other niece and my mother-in-law got sick. So we keep our fingers crossed and hope that … Continue reading

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fingers crossed

Great events cast their shadows ahead! Next weekend, the little one will get baptised and Karsten and I will have our church wedding after already being married for two years. Our civil marriage two years ago was very short-notice with … Continue reading

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daily scenery

One thing I truly envy Karsten is his daily way to work. He is cycling every day, it takes about 20 minutes and it’s a beautiful way to start your work day (unless it’s raining cats and dogs like last … Continue reading

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increasing size, increasing value

Bankers and money is one of the typical stereotypes of Switzerland – especially when living in Zurich. At a closer look, the Swiss money is quite special indeed. It somehow happened last week that we were paid back a (for … Continue reading

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you know your baby turned into a toddler when…

…it wakes up from its lunchtime nap after only half an hour and instead of sleeping another round together with you, it walks away without looking back, opens the door and disappears into the kitchen while babbling incomprehensibly…leaving you in … Continue reading

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seven days, seven pictures

Another week has passed and it somehow felt like late autumn. Hot chocolate, rice pudding and warm jackets, as you can see on the pictures – I am joining Carola from Frische Brise with her weekly photo review:

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daily adventures

Rain, rain, rain, all week long. Being inside all day is slowly getting us into a paddy. Therefore: waterproofs on and outside we go, even if it’s just in order to take out the trash. Because taking out the trash … Continue reading

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