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technology insights

This is how an iPhone looks when it has been through a John Deere lawn-mower: Good thing it wasn’t ours. And after I have seen what it is made of, I don’t really see the point of spending so much … Continue reading

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more questions

We got another set of questions by Heike who nominated us for the Liebster Award (thank you very much!!). Since this blog is mainly for friends and family, I will kindly resign from passing on new questions to other blogs … Continue reading

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…was the first time in 9 1/2 months (!!) that someone voluntarily offered me the space in the stroller area on the train! Yippee! It was a Vietnamese couple. So much for foreigners occupying the seats in Swiss trains.

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Challenge succeeded

Yesterday, we invited our neighbours for coffee and cake. What sounds like a casual thing to do can actually become quite a challenge – especially in Switzerland. We live in a house with six flats and when we moved here … Continue reading

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Blogger schenken Lesefreude – or how you might be a lucky dog and get a book for free

In 1995, the UNESCO declared the 23rd of April as the International Day of the Book. In order to promote that day and to promote reading, the initiative “Blogger schenken Lesefreude” (Bloggers passing on the joy of reading…rough translation) calls … Continue reading

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three years ago…

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful Botanic Gardens I have ever seen. Big old trees, stone gardens, ponds, cultivated areas with perfectly cut grass versus small, secret areas, big rhododendron bushes, greenhouses, squirrels, flowers…It … Continue reading

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Acclimatization continues

Today was our first baby swimming class in Zurich. Unfortunately, it’s during the week so Karsten can’t join, but the little one is getting more and more enthusiastic about swimming which is really nice to see. Of course, baby swimming … Continue reading

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