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Sächsilüüte, Beltane….spring traditions

A long procession of guilds, an exploding snowman and the prediction how the summer is going to be….that’s what happened in Zürich yesterday. Many cultures have their own ways of saying goodbye to winter and welcoming summer. While we were … Continue reading

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unexpected holiday weekend

This weekend, we grew a bit as a family. On Saturday, Karsten’s sister was getting married, so we packed our stuff, took the train and went to Münster, Germany. It is an 9 hour journey from our place to Münster, … Continue reading

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International Day of the Book

In 1995, the UNESCO declared the 23rd of April as the International Day of the Book. In order to promote that day and to promote reading, the initiative “Blogger schenken Lesefreude” (Bloggers passing on the joy of reading…rough translation) calls … Continue reading

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childhood dream

For more than 12 years, Karsten has been dreaming of star-gazing. And although he normally did not hesitate to order the things he wanted, he never dared to buy a telescope. During his studies, he checked out telescopes online. Professional … Continue reading

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Just in time for Easter here’s another culinary highlight for you: the Swiss Osterchüechli.  Enjoy the pronunciation, my dear English friends…Osterchüechli…chhhhhüüüüüüeeeechhhhliiii…üüüü….chhh chhh chhh. It’s a great word! It is a small pastry made out of shortcrust and filled with a … Continue reading

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short trip to Solothurn

Part of our planned Easter weekend activities was a short trip to Solothurn to meet up with my sister’s family on their way to Zurich. We hadn’t been in Solothurn until today, but heard from several people that it is … Continue reading

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baby signs

Almost immediately after we looked at the positive pregnancy test, Karsten started to familiarise himself with the neurological and psychological development of children. Mainly because he is most fascinated by psychological experiments such as the marshmallow experiment by Mischel or … Continue reading

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find the difference…..spring work part II

Before…. and after… Currently starting to grow: carrots, two different types of salad, red cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, dill, mangel and various kinds of flowers. Waiting on the balcony: corn, courgette and fennel. Not yet sowed: beetroot.

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Zoo Zürich – with a slighlty different perspective

Yesterday, we used the good weather for a trip to the Zoo. We have been meaning to go there with the little one for a while now, ever since she enjoyed petting the dog of our friends so much. The … Continue reading

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swiss precision

Although Germany and Switzerland don’t create the immediate impression of being two completely different cultures, don’t ever make the mistake to lump the two countries together. You would not only annoy every Swiss person in the world by that, no, … Continue reading

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