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Culinary bits and pieces II

During the last weeks, we have had the chance to savour some more Finnish specialties: Since we are both yoghurt-eaters, we tried viili, which is a nordic type of yoghurt with a slightly weird consistency. To be honest, it didn’t … Continue reading

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally!!

Aaaaaaaaa…..what a beautiful, perfect day! Sunshine, wind and clear blue sky after our baby swimming class this morning. We had a quick lunch and went to Ruissalo to recompense for our rainy experience some weeks ago. It was great! Sunbeams … Continue reading

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To Marienhamn and back

Yesterday, Karsten’s research group spent the day in a very Finnish manner: on a boat. And because I like boats and I love the Archipelago, the little one and I decided to join them, together with friends of us. The … Continue reading

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Questions, questions, questions…

Oy, Mupfens threw us a bone! 🙂 Ok, not sure if that’s the correct way to put it…in German, Stöckchen are sent to blogs in order to make them a bit more popular and it also gives people the chance … Continue reading

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Some days seem like they could just be crossed off the calendar. Bad night, monday morning, dull weather, screwed up lunch, a constantly complaining baby…In order to make this day work, I used a long afternoon nap of the little … Continue reading

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Smooth persuasion

The funny thing about a blog: on some days, there is absolutely nothing happening whereas on other days, you have so many ideas what you should write about that you can’t decide which one to take. I could write another … Continue reading

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