Smooth persuasion

The funny thing about a blog: on some days, there is absolutely nothing happening whereas on other days, you have so many ideas what you should write about that you can’t decide which one to take.

I could write another comment about the weather (there was sunshine yesterday!! So nice!! We saw another cleaning car on the street – it drove by for at least six times just to ensure that also the last bit of gravel disappeared. I bet the driver is frustrated to see that it snowed over night…). I could also write about the absolute lovely day we spent at our friend’s place yesterday (Sushi! Pie! Great company for the little one! Great company for us! 45 minutes where both children slept and we played Carcassonne! Sauna!…). I could write about our night and how the little one decided to cry from 4am to 6am…

Instead I will write about some smooth persuasion going on here.

It is based on a fundamental difference between Karsten and myself: I am someone who thinks twice (or sometimes three times) whether I need to buy something or not. Often, that results in the fact that I don’t buy at all. My husband, on the other side, is quite a consumer. Although he can live under very spartan circumstances, he often feels the urgent need to own stuff. To own stuff that others (me) might not consider a priority.

As a teenager, he felt the urgent need to buy an e-guitar. Without being able to play it. Or the weight bench he bought as a 15-year old. Used it twice and then sold it to a friend. When his parents were gone for a weekend, he decided to surprise them with a terrarium. He bought the wooden plate for the base – about 2 square meters). His parents now use it as additional table when they invite guests. When we wanted to buy a board game two years ago, he got tempted and bought seven instead of one. He is prone to bogof (buy one get one free). When I send him to the supermarket, I am always a little bit scared of the things he will buy in addition to my shopping list. Do you know Loriot’s “Pappa Ante Portas”? The husband goes shopping and comes back with 150 glasses of mustard because that way the price per glass was cheaper. That’s Karsten. Sometimes when I am gone for one or two days, he would use the opportunity, buy 10 dvds at once and sneak them into the shelf, believing that I won’t notice it. And I won’t even get started with the Absinth spoons that he absolutely HAD to buy, although we don’t drink Absinth (“It seemed like a good idea at that time”).

It might sound like we have a lot of money to spend. We really don’t!

Right now, he is trying to persuade me of another thing. But he is doing it a bit more subtle since he knows that I am normally not pleased about the things he buys. His subtle persuasion goes like this:

“Darling? You know what tradition I really like us to start when we are back in Switzerland? I would like us to have a proper Sunday breakfast every week. All three of us. As a family! We’ll just take the time, sit around the table together and have a nice start of the day. You can drink a nice cup of coffee and read the news. Wouldn’t that be nice? (note: here I get suspicious, at the latest!). And you know what would go really well with the breakfast? (aha, here it comes…) A nice, fresh-made smoothie! It’s very healthy too, lot’s of vitamins and so on! And it tastes delicious!!”

Baseline: we absolutely need a smoothie-maker. Ab-so-lu-tely! He is not sure how we survived that long without a Sunday smoothie! It’s a miracle!

He does have a point though: the last times when we visited our friends, they served us really delicious fresh smoothies (thanks, Cécile and Nicolàs!). BUT: Karsten was mildly surprised when he found out that they prepare them with just an electric blender and nothing more fancy. Well, maybe his persuasion works this time. After all, it is Sunday today and a smoothie sounds like the right thing to drink right now 🙂

About erdhummel

Familial entropy - that's an insight into our current life which has been fundamentally changed last summer when our daughter was born. Having studied in Cottbus, Germany, and worked/studied in Edinburgh, Scotland, we momentarily live in a small town in Switzerland where Karsten is trying to save the environment and Freddie is trying to save our sanity. Since there is not much time for elaborate, long emails while doing that, we thought a blog might be a good option to smuggle ourselves into the lifes of our friends.
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7 Responses to Smooth persuasion

  1. Cécile says:

    It’s so funny to read you 🙂 I really like your blog! Sorry for the “Smoothie situation”… Actually Karsten has a point because it’s really pleasant and healthy. And the other hand you also have a point because a simple blender and a handy fruit juice maker perfectly do the job, so no need for a huge 200€ centrifuge smoothie maker! Marriage, the art of compromise? 😉

  2. I prepare my great smoothies in a mixer ( and we can buy this for Karsten’s birthday:-) By the way my way of consuming fits to yours. I am always thinking about buying a new i-pod but didn’t do it up to now, knowing a special person that buys everything he needs for the camera as soon as he thinks he needs it!! Have a nice sunday!!! Karin

  3. Eingehirner says:

    Just read all your recent posts here, thank you for all these insights into your life! Knowing you two is a great gift, no matter where you are around the globe 😉

    Sonja, after reading this specific post, would probably once more emphasize how similar Karsten and I can be… but I almost(!) never fell for BOGOF before. Except for potatoe crisps. I’d like to know whether he also carries around ideas for purchasing stuff for a year or so before actually buying it seemingly spontaneous and without thinking 😉

    (I have to admit that after reading this, a friend of mine in Konstanz still has the strongest Papa-ante-portas attitude I ever witnessed. He once bought 1000(!) lighters, supermagnets and coins for a small experiment which used up like, I don’t know, five of each. The rest is still sitting in his basement. He doesn’t smoke. Still, he keeps all of it. The day might come 😉

    Speaking of special offers:

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