one way to kill time on a rainy afternoon…

Thursday afternoon. We just had a small snack, it’s 3:30pm and I decide to make a trip to the local library to a) let the little one practice her running bike, b) return overdue books and c) kill time until Karsten comes home. It looks slightly grey outside but I am in summer mode, so sandals and a fleece it is.

3:35 We start our trip to the library. The little one on her runners bike, I pushing the stroller with the books.

3:40 After five minutes we reach the sidewalk in front of our buildings.

3:42 It starts raining. I decide to go back and tell the little one to hurry up.

3:43 It stops raining. Since we only went back two meters anyway (so far, the running bike hasn’t been faster than our normal speed..) I decide to turn around and walk to the library again.

3:55 We covered about 150 meters. It starts raining again. I ask her to sit in the stroller and we find shelter under the bike shed at the local school

3: 56 I ask the little one to perform some magic to make it stop raining. She waves her hands and shouts “socks! socks!”, giggles and almost falls off the stroller.

3:57 It does indeed stop raining. We continue our walk.

3:58 It starts raining again. We find shelter under a tree. I ask her to perform magic again. She murmers “black cat, black cat” (German equivalent for a proper spell!) and waves her hands.

3:59 It stops raining and we continue.

4:04 Rain. Shelter under a tree.

4:05 Rain stops. We continue.

4:06 Rain. No trees available. I continue walking (and make sure that the books are covered)

4:16 Rain stops.

4:18 We arrive at the library.

4:20 The little one puts all the books on the counter, then marches of to the children corner.

4:25 I join her at the children’s corner and try to identify where she took all the books from.

4:30 There are about ten children books in our basket which I haven’t chosen. I am trying my best to put them back.

4:40 The little one complains about the crafting book I put in the basket as it is too heavy for her to lift. I carry my book while she carries the basket with the children books (two! I managed to put the others back onto the shelves. Not sure though whether I found the right spots))

4:50 I am trying to choose another book for me. The little one continues to put random books into the basket

5:00 I am done selecting and on my way to the counter. But it’s raining outside. So the little one and myself sit down in the children’s corner again and read a book.

5:10  It’s still raining outside. We read a second book.

5:20 It looks like it stopped raining. We quickly pack our stuff and open the door. The librarian asks me whether I would like to have an umbrella. I decline the offer with the words “It doesn’t look that bad and we don’t live far away anyway!” (Mental note to myself: redefine “far” when letting your child walk independently)

5:21 The little one practices her running bike. She is getting better. And faster. It’s drizzling .

5:23 It starts raining again. The little one drives into a puddle. I should have chosen rubber boots over sandals, I guess…

5:24 It rains heavily. We don’t have rain jackets with us. But the little one is happy driving her bike.

5:25 She stops to check out a gully which is gurgling loudly.

5:35 It continues to rain. My sweater is wet. The little one’s shoes are wet.

5:38 The little one stops to say hello to another gully. It is gurgling louder than the first one…

5:40 I try to convince the little one to sit in the stroller again so that we can be home faster.

5:41 The little one climbs into the stroller, but has to say hello to a street sign first.

5:42 We are speeding home (at least if you can call my current speed “speeding”….Karsten normally starts to walk in circles while he is waiting for me to catch up…whatever, I am still faster than the running bike!)

5:43 The little one opens the top of the stroller to shout “hello rain! hello rain!”. Yes, hello rain, how are you?

5:50 We arrive home. Pretty wet. The books stayed dry though.

5:51 Time for a hot chocolate!

About erdhummel

Familial entropy - that's an insight into our current life which has been fundamentally changed last summer when our daughter was born. Having studied in Cottbus, Germany, and worked/studied in Edinburgh, Scotland, we momentarily live in a small town in Switzerland where Karsten is trying to save the environment and Freddie is trying to save our sanity. Since there is not much time for elaborate, long emails while doing that, we thought a blog might be a good option to smuggle ourselves into the lifes of our friends.
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3 Responses to one way to kill time on a rainy afternoon…

  1. Obviously the little witch forgot to perform her magic on your way back!! I was wet all over after going by bike to the city to buy birthday presents for the little one and her grandfather:-)

    • erdhummel says:

      Probably the way back was far too exciting with all the gurgling water in the gullies so it would have been a shame to make it all go away 😉

  2. Little big things of our lifes! Awesome!
    And bravo for keeping the books dry!

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