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old botanic garden Zurich

Lots to do this weekend! No, nothing special, just a lot of laundry, baking, cleaning and relaxing, so there’s not much time to write. Therefore, I’ll just post a few pictures from yesterday. We went to the Old Botanic Garden … Continue reading

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permanent sunshine

Days and days of rain? HA! No reason to despair! Because we now got permanent sunshine in our flat! It’s a wedding present by one of my best friends which she made herself (its wood partly covered with leaf gold). … Continue reading

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the goat farm in our lives

A few days ago, we caught up with some friends on some news. We had a nice evening, chatted about this and that, until I asked about the wife’s job. She mentioned she’ll only do the job for a certain … Continue reading

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seven days, seven pictures

Summer holiday is over and it’s time for the weekly review in pictures again! Our week has been relatively quiet and focused on the little one. Baby swimming, singing, visit of the grandmother and a long walk both on Thursday … Continue reading

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tilting windmills

I don’t know why but some of my German genes start kicking in again…Inborn desires regarding tidiness and order are piping up. They are normally a bit suppressed in the Swiss environment due to overstimulation (see here), but somehow the … Continue reading

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May I present….

Often in the media with negative connotations, but this time serving science by recording data of Karsten’s field: eBee! (Yet another proof that scientists do nothing else but playing around with cool toys every day…:-))

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welcome to the Pinot Noir region

When I wrote that we don’t have a honeymoon, it wasn’t completely true. We did get a honeymoon-day as a present from our friends which we made use of today. The little one therefore had the pleasure of her first … Continue reading

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walking among champions

These days, the European Athletics Championships take place in Zurich, and we are more and more discovering that we are walking among champions. It all started on Tuesday when the little one and I had the first baby swimming class … Continue reading

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this dreaded thing called…

Last week I was asked by a friend if we are honeymooning. haha… no. See, there is this dreaded thing called field work. It’s the little child of Karsten’s PhD. And the reason why we haven’t had any summer vacations … Continue reading

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Life in a village

Living in a rural village outside of Zurich has its advantages. For instance, you will be greeted by almost everyone when roaming around the village. May it be on your way to the supermarket or to the train station: most … Continue reading

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