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Top 8

How comes that babies only focus about one minute on actual baby toys but find the most fascinating stuff in our every day routine? Here are the Top 8 toys that keep the little one busy these days:  My facial … Continue reading

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How we are responsible for the lack of available seats in the Swiss transport system and still get no seat…

Here we go. On Sunday, a slight majority in Switzerland has decided to put an end to the apparently uncontrollable immigration the country suffers from. An end to the fact that foreigners are occupying the seats in the trains and … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon activities

Since we had a cultivated Sunday afternoon last week, we decided to have an outdoor afternoon today. Ruissalo, an island right outside of Turku, can be easily reached by bus and has been on my “to-see” list for a while. … Continue reading

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7 Days – 7 Pictures

Every sunday on Frische Brise, you can see a weekly retrospect in pictures and I quite like the idea. So I tried to capture a moment each day this week (which actually wasn’t as easy as it sounds):  Starting to … Continue reading

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Baby business

Today is Friday – Babycircus Day! The little one enjoys it more and more…by now, she is laughing out loud when I hold her upside down or roll her over and she is really enjoying the company of other babies. … Continue reading

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Runeberg cakes (or the skill of Scandinavian countries to appoint dessert-related celebrations)

Today is the 5th of February. And the 5th of February is the birthday of the Finnish national poet, Johan Ludvig Runeberg. And since Runeberg, although he was a Swedish speaking Finn, wrote the text of the Finnish National Anthem, … Continue reading

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Today at 5:30am….

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Babies invited

Yesterday, we decided to have our once-in-a-while cultivated afternoon. So the little one and I picked up Karsten when he was done with work and we went to the Aboa Vetus, a mixture of art and archaeological museum with excavated … Continue reading

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Appropriate priorities

This morning, everything was white outside. When the little one and I made our way to the baby swimming at 8 am, it was calm and the streets where empty, covered with a layer of snow. On the way to … Continue reading

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