Runeberg cakes (or the skill of Scandinavian countries to appoint dessert-related celebrations)

Today is the 5th of February. And the 5th of February is the birthday of the Finnish national poet, Johan Ludvig Runeberg. And since Runeberg, although he was a Swedish speaking Finn, wrote the text of the Finnish National Anthem, the Finns apparently like to celebrate this day. Which probably say a lot about the Finns and their national identity! National identity, that’s normally something Germans struggle with… I know who wrote the German Anthem, I also know where the music comes from. But celebrate it?

Anyhow, thank god there is a proper way to commemorate it here: the Runeberg Cake. It’s a cake made out of almonds, Christmas spices, icing and raspberry jam. His wife invented it on a day when she didn’t have any other cake at home. What a dedicated wife! Maybe I should invent a cake as well. Especially since cake plays such an important role in Karsten’s family (his father needs two pieces of cake a day! When I first met Karsten’s parents, we were going on a 5-hour drive together. Before we started Karsten’s father went to a bakery and said he wanted to get some rations for the journey. Naïve as I was I though he wanted to buy sandwiches. But he came back with a big box of cake).

So for dessert tonight we tried two of these cakes which I bought in a little bakery around the corner. They were, as expected, quite delicious 🙂


And if you weren’t aware of it: some years ago Sweden appointed the 4th of October to be the official cinnamon bun day. Maybe I should investigate if there is such a thing like a Swiss Chocolate Day as well…

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