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Merry Christmas!

Almost, almost! The christmas tree is about to be arranged in the living room. The christmas gifts still need to be wrapped. The ingredients for the christmas dinner are stored safely. New diapers were bought in order to make it … Continue reading

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Guest entry from Karsten: Vivid discussion with the little one

On a short note on my behalf: while the best wife in the world was busy packing and cleaning for our departure tomorrow morning, I had a vivid discussion with the little one, about apoptosis, and how interesting this phenomena … Continue reading

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garden review

In 2014, I spent a lot of time in the garden and so did the little one. While I enjoy spending some meditative hours with weeding and planting, the little one truly discovered the garden as a source of food … Continue reading

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a perfect christmas present

In a bit more than a week it’s already Christmas Eve…can you believe it? How come that time just seems to fly a bit faster every year? But hey, at least we are almost done with our christmas gifts, and … Continue reading

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christmas marathon baking

Since two years, we have a new christmas tradition. On one day in December we meet with our friends and we bake christmas cookies. A lot of christmas cookies. Everyone is allowed to choose one or two recipes which is … Continue reading

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life of a PhD student

Excerpt from one of Karsten’s messages: “…and I entered my office and thought “Ok, I need a pen and paper!”. Finding paper wasn’t a problem, there is paper everywhere on the desk. Finding a pen went like this: opening drawer … Continue reading

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holy family waiting for christmas…

Josef is standing on the roof on the lookout for Jesus, Maria is having a serious talk with the elephant which arrived almost a month early, the camel needs a rest, the penguin is wondering what he is doing in … Continue reading

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back to work

I can’t tell anymore in which job I pictured myself when I thought about going back to work. But it definitely involved a change from my daily routine and the ability to focus on an intellectual task again. Two days … Continue reading

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feeling blessed

Sometimes, christmas just happens to be a little bit earlier than expected! This morning, the postman rang and brought us an amazing parcel from Finland – amazing not only in its size but also in its look (seriously, why can’t … Continue reading

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welcome December!

Yesterday first Sunday in Advent, today First of December….christmas time has finally and officially arrived! So has the first cold this winter which has hit not only the little one but also Karsten and myself. We were therefore sneezing our … Continue reading

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