Turku castle and an interesting explosion of flavours

Last weekend, our friends came to visit us in Turku. So we took the chance to add another cultural event to our time in Finland and visited Turku castle.

It’s an old, fortress-like looking castle from the late 13th century with immensely thick stone walls, sitting at the end of Turku’s main river. A few days ago it snowed again, so it was quite impressive to imagine how the people managed to survive the icy Finnish winters back then, with no proper windows and huge halls that never warmed up. They had, however, a very smart heating system with several big fireplaces on the lower grounds channeling warm air to the rooms upstairs via funnels in the stone walls.


Generally, the rooms and halls are impressive with nice stories and facts, but they could have been a bit better presented (but that might just be the interpreter in me speaking – right now I would just love to come up with some good strategies how to get the message across! At best as a paid assignment, with a nice cup of coffee next to me and some time to concentrate :-).



Later that day we went to a restaurant where I had a very interesting dessert: it was scoop of ice-cream, vanilla-coloured, with caramel-cinnamon-sauce. Concerning the name, I thought the ice-cream would be black. Any ideas which flavour I got? Small hint: it wasn’t liquorice (though I hoped it would be). I will send some Swiss chocolate to the first person that guesses correctly 🙂


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Familial entropy - that's an insight into our current life which has been fundamentally changed last summer when our daughter was born. Having studied in Cottbus, Germany, and worked/studied in Edinburgh, Scotland, we momentarily live in a small town in Switzerland where Karsten is trying to save the environment and Freddie is trying to save our sanity. Since there is not much time for elaborate, long emails while doing that, we thought a blog might be a good option to smuggle ourselves into the lifes of our friends.
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19 Responses to Turku castle and an interesting explosion of flavours

  1. Cécile says:

    I think I have an idea for the ice-cream flavour! But it might be considered as I have an unfair advantage living here 🙂

  2. Miko says:

    Would it be considered unfair if I ventured an educated guess ?

  3. Eingehirner says:


  4. Eingehirner says:

    Good idea — whortleberry? Juniper berry?

  5. Eingehirner says:

    Hmmm… expected to be black? Seaweed? CocaCola? Sugar beet syrup? Petroleum?

  6. Cécile says:

    Come on I’m sure that someone will find at the end 🙂 yes petroleum was quite close!

  7. Eingehirner says:

    Tar? Concrete? Charcoal? Stinkmorchel? Gemeiner Tintling?

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